Christopher Koy – Junot Díaz's Stories as Minor Literature Junot Díaz's “Aurora” and “Aguantando” as Minor Literature Christopher E. Koy University of South. In “Aurora,” a short story published in his collection Drown, Junot Díaz transforms the mythical character into a contemporary woman. Aurora abandons the. Junot Diaz's Aurora is a short story that illustrates a less than perfect relationship between the narrator and his on again-off again, drug.

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Nothing moved fast, even the daylight was slow to fade, but as soon as night seffled Beto and I headed down to the community center and sprang the fence. Drown, by Junot Diaz (). Argument-Based Questions. These argument- based questions on the ten stories in Drown can be used in a variety of ways in class. Key words: Dominican, race, racial identity, Junot Diaz, Spanglish, Latino . Again in Drown, Yunior, the short story Aurora's narrator and Diaz's alter ego.

It is evident the the relatives of Yunior' s mother disapprove of Yunior's father and the manner in which the father abandoned his family. Yunior States that the only ideas he has about his father are based on pictures and stories. Yunior's mother receives a letter from his father stating that Yunior's father is returning to the family in order to bring them all over to the United States. The mother and Abuelo seem upset by this news and yunior's older brother Rafa tells Yunior not to believe the news.

Yunior recalls a time when he was younger when his mother received a similar letter promising the father's return.

Yunior' s mother was overwhelmed with excitement and told all of her friends as well as planned a welcome party. When the day arrived and Yunior's father did not return home, Yunior' s mother was heart broken and changed by the experience. The mom leaves for about a month and once returning spends a day with her children.

The story ends with Yunior and Rafa imagining what it would be like when there father comes home. Yunior' s tone suggest his feeling of both hesitation and excitement at the prospect of finally meeting his father Drown Drown is a short story that takes place mainly while Yunior is in high school.

Yunior narrates the story and explains that he is living alone with his mother. At the beginning of the story, the mother tells Yunior that Beto, an old friend just arrived in town.

Yunior explains that the two of them used to be close friends but an event occured to cause distance between them. During the weekend, the mother will sometimes ask Yunior to take her to the mall, but before going the pair walk through the house, checking each window to make sure it is locked. On the way to the mall, Yunior recognizes many faces and explains that each of these individuals have bought drugs from him.

Drown Summary

Once at the mall, Yunior thinks back on his shoplifting days and describes how he and Beto used to rob various stores in the mall. The friends would spend time doing these types of activities during the day and then at night many of the children would sneak over the fence to a pool.

When Yunior returns home, he finds his mother on the phone with his father who lives with another woman in Florida. Yunior disapproves of their talking and tells his mother that she has talked to his father enough. Yunior begins narrating about his past once more and drifts to the moment that caused the separation between Yunior and Beto.

Shortly before Beto was to leave for college, Yunior and Beto were watching porn together when Beto began to feel Yunior in a sexual manner. Boyfriend At the beginning of the story, the narrator explains that when he smokes weed he sleep walks. On one of thes weed induced ventures, the narrator finds himself in the hallway and partially wakes to hear the fight happening on the floor below him. A boyfriend and a girlfriend are fighting and at the end the boyfriend exits, leaving the girlfriend crying and alone.

Drown Summary

This altercation reminds the narrator of his past lover, Loretta. During the following days, the narrator listens from his apartment as the girlfriend processes the breakup.

The boyfriend comes over several times to retrieve his things and the narrator continues to listen to the couples fighting and conversation and compare it to his own time with Loretta. The narrator asks out the girlfriend and she comes over to his apartment.

They make small take and drink coffee, but do not go out again. The narrator and the girlfriend pass each other in the building and casually greet each other. One day the narrator sees the girlfriend and the girlfriend has cut her hair short. The narrator tells her that he likes her hair and that the new cut makes her look fierce. Each story is related, but is a separate vignette, each with its own title.

The novel does not follow a traditional story arc but rather each story captures a moment in time. The story begins when Yunior and Rafa, his brother, are eight and twelve, and are sent to live with their uncle for the summer so their mother can work.

Their father abandoned them when Yunior was 4 and their family lives in poverty, sometimes having to forgo food for clothes and other necessities. Their mother works long hours, sometimes fourteen-hour shifts, at a local chocolate factory while their grandfather watches them. They live in an apartment and establish a new community in New Jersey. Although they still live in poverty, they do not want for food or other basic necessities. As what I have stated in the Character and Characterization part, he is addicted by her magnetic charm, physical presence, and always feels weak when he is with her.

Aurora also uses youth life as its theme.

drown-studyguide.pdf - Drown Study Guide Drown by Junot...

This story is told from a youths perspective when they are growing older and dealing with drugs, poverty, and free-sex. The perspective of a teenager creates a different feeling and understanding about this story. Next, we will discuss about the language and style that are used in Aurora.

When we read Aurora, we will find that the tone of this story is realistically laid out and unforgiving in the use of profanity and sometimes hard descriptions. There are many offensive languages that are used in this story that will make the readers feel bad about it, but without these choices of word and description, the story will not have the same impact on the readers themselves.

In the story of Aurora, the writer makes an extreme juxtaposition in which he mixed up masculinity with softness.

He describes the room where he is hooking up with a girl by concrete with splotches of oil, a drain hole in the corner where we throw our cigs and condoms. This description shows how bad the place where the narrator and his friend are living, but it also shows the masculinity of the characters. Then in the next page, the writer shows the softness part of the story. He writes, She picks off my glasses and kisses the parts of my face that almost never get touched, the skin under the glass and frame.

How could anybody hurt a man with eyelashes like this? Auroras writer, Junot Diaz, uses some Spanish words in this story.

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In my opinion, all of those Spanish words are used as self-identification. He wants to lead the readers into the narrators world and also the writers own life. Symbolism is the aspect that we will discuss here. In the Aurora short story, there are some words that symbolize certain meaning about the story. The writer chose each word in the story carefully to build implicit beautiful meaning. The first symbol is the title itself, Aurora. The title grasps the readers attention and becomes the center of the story.

The charged particles originate in the magnetosphere and solar wind and, on Earth, are directed by the Earth's magnetic field. There the particles collide with atoms and molecules in the upper atmosphere, ionizing them and making them glow.

Auroras are of greatest intensity and extent during periods of increased sunspot activity, when they often interfere with telecommunications on Earth. An aurora that occurs in southern latitudes is called an aurora australis strls or southern lights.

When it occurs in northern latitudes it is called an aurora borealis br -ls or northern lights. From the definition above, we know that Auroras are beautiful, colorful lights that shine in the Earth magnetic field, North Pole and in the South Pole. It means that auroras are always pointing either two different directions. Aurora is also used throughout history to give direction and create a path for travelers. If we related with the story, it means that the character of Aurora has always important role in affecting another characters decision of life, in this case, Aurora leads the narrator to choose which the direction to go that he think the best for him.

She is guiding the narrator to choose a certain direction by her lights.

She also has some kinds of magnetic and hypnotic charm. Once the narrator sees her, he will never be able to forget her. He is taking his path based on the presence of Aurora. He is very depended on what Aurora said. However, Aurora gives the narrator an uncertain path because she always comes and goes. Since Auroras occur in two different direction, south and north, the narrator is following his leader Aurora by going to the north, but he has a tendency to go back south.

He does not go through a linear path.

The next symbol in the story is still related with the meaning about Aurora. In the story, there are some locations that are mentioned by the narrator and his friend which is related with south direction.

We can relate those words with the English proverb my life is going south, which is related with insanity. From here, we sure that the narrator is lost and following the south direction where it might be wrong direction to his life. Another symbol that is used in this story is the narrators car, Pathfinder. From this choice of word, we can find that the writer want to emphasize that actually the narrator is always searching his right path and direction.

The direction is not interpreted in a real meaning, but it is more about all decision of life that the narrator has to make through the story, about his future, his relationship, and his satisfaction. Cut, the narrators friend, is also one of the symbols in this story. The name itself plays important role when it deals with the narrators decision.

Cut, related with its real meaning, keeps telling the narrator to stop seeing his girlfriend, Aurora. He is constantly cutting the narrator out of his fantasy world.

However, no matter how hard Cut tried, the narrator kept on going back to Aurora. In the While You Were Gone section, when Aurora came back from juvenile detention, he mentioned a new Zenith in the living room. That scene happens near the end of the story and we can realize that the narrator has reached his zenith peak as he sticks by Aurora.

He has chosen and followed his light to go to his destination. In the last part of the story, when Aurora begs him to get back together, he hits her and makes the blood comes out of her ear like a worm. This sentence symbolize that the narrator wants to avoid the pain of contemplating the future. The image of the blood which comes out from her ear has similarity with a worm which comes out from the rotten fruit.

It suggests that there is something inherently rotten about Aurora and the future if the narrator still stays and lives with her. He thinks that he will have no future at all. However, it can also be interpreted that the narrator has created his own worm through his violence. He is trapped in a downward cycle just like a worm.

The last, we will discuss about particular issues that are related with Aurora. The first issue is about domestic violence and the urban setting.

From this short story, we can see that immigrant people from a small country who move to the big country tend to have a hard life. They have to stay in a poor neighborhood and have to deal with drugs, free-sex, and crime. Another issue is about teenagers life in this modern era. This story represents how teenagers are facing their life, about their relationship, way of thinking, and also some problems that they have to solve.New York: Routledge, No sweat, I said.

Their relationship is not an ideal relationship, since Aurora always comes and goes. You should have seen it. This altercation reminds the narrator of his past lover, Loretta.

In the While You Were Gone section, when Aurora came back from juvenile detention, he mentioned a new Zenith in the living room.

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