Publisher, Shaye Areheart Books. Publication date. 5 (1st edition). Media type, Print (hardcover). Pages, (hardcover edition). ISBN · · OCLC · Dark Places is a mystery novel by Gillian Flynn published in The novel deals with class. Dark Places book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. From The #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Of Gone GirlLibby D. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Gone Girl, and the basis for the major motion picture starring Charlize.

Dark Places Book

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Edgar-finalist Flynn's second crime thriller tops her impressive debut, Sharp Objects. When Libby Day's mother and two older sisters were. Intriguing characters, crazy plot twists, shocks and horrors fuel the Gone Girl author's freak-show carnival ride of crime fiction. Review: Dark Places by Gillian FlynnFlynn's second novel is a wonderful evocation of drab small-town life, writes Laura Wilson.

Dark Places

On the pavement near my car are the smashed skeletons of two baby birds, their flattened beaks and wings making them look reptilian.

We need a good flood, wash them away. Two elderly women were talking on the front steps of a house across the street, and I could feel them refusing to see me. Zalinsky died. We were kidding. I was supposed to call him from my cell phone when I arrived so he could trot out and escort me in.

The restaurant—a great, old-school KC steakhouse—is surrounded by hollowed-out buildings that concern him, as if a troop of rapists were permanently crouched in their empty husks awaiting my arrival. My mom, two older sisters, all butchered by Ben. I was the cutie-pie who brought my Devil- worshiping brother to justice.

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I was big news. I peered into the rearview mirror and could see my baby face even now.


My freckles were faded, and my teeth straightened, but my nose was still pug and my eyes kitten-round. I dyed my hair now, a white-blonde, but the red roots had grown in. It looked like my scalp was bleeding, especially in the late-day sunlight. It looked gory. I lit a cigarette. It was almost evening: Migrant clouds floated in packs across the sky like buffalo, and the sun was just low enough to spray everything pink. Toward the river, between the looping highway ramps, obsolete grain elevators sat vacant, dusk-black and pointless.

I walked across the parking lot all by myself, atop a constellation of crushed glass. I was not attacked. It was, after all, just past 5 p.

Jim Jeffreys was an early-bird eater, proud of it. Were these children to blame for their mistakes?

In what ways did they attempt to right the wrongs they caused? What role does forgiveness play in Dark Places? Which characters should be more forgiving?

Differences From The Book:

Why is she attracted to Ben? Why is Trey such a constant companion? Do you think she was romantically involved with Trey?

Patty Day frequently worries whether she is a good mother. What do you think? How does the book depict parents in general? Did you think Ben was guilty? Does the author intend for us to doubt him? I knew you could.

Do you like Diane? She may be missing a toe, but her fingers are certainly all there in the film. Anybody else?

The book begins with Libby lying in bed and feeling depressed. In the book, she receives it through the post.

Gillian Flynn’s ‘Dark Places’: A Book Review

In the film, Libby meets Lyle in a laundromat. In the book, she meets him at a local Grille. She then later meets him in a bar in the book, but she meets him in the street in the film.

It seems that the film wanted to give much plainer settings, maybe to not show any alcohol or smoking.

The film hints to Ben sending the love letters to young girls much earlier on. The book then goes further into his relationship with Krissi, showing Ben getting a little too excited by their kiss and having to go into their bathroom, and then later when a teacher catches him getting aroused by her cubbyhole. The film does not show this. This links to something that happens later in the book which the film also misses out. In the film, he is called Joseph.

In the book, Libby calls Barb, a reporter who wrote a book on the murders, who believes that Ben is innocent, that Libby was coached by the police, and that she thinks that Libby should recant her testimony. In the book, he goes to the compound with Diondra and tells her friends that he has a cut on his face from being in a fight with Tre so that he sounds cool which he actually did by falling off of his bike.

In the film, older Ben tries to connect with Libby by talking about a farm horse. When Libby leaves the jail in the book, she is thinking about finding some DNA to prove that Ben is innocent.

In the book, Ben also tells Libby where to find Runner. In the film, she tracks him down on her own a little later. In the book, Ben is more freaked out about the pregnancy when we first meet Diondra.

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In the film, he seems excited by it and is even thinking about names. In the book, Diondra downloads Ben loads of new clothes — mostly black and leather.

In the book, Libby calls Diane and leaves her a voice message.I felt a shot of rage at her, and then imagined those last bloody moments in the house, when she realised it had gone wrong, when Debby lay dying, and it was all over, her unsterling life. Twenty-five years after the massacre, Libby, in need of money, meets with a group of amateur investigators who believe that her brother is innocent of the crime.

And I would try to find peace in that. I walked across the parking lot all by myself, atop a constellation of crushed glass. It was, after all, just past 5 p.

Sue me. Written and directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner, the adaptation of Dark Places was only released in the UK earlier this year, after being released worldwide last summer, although showings were very limited.

I peered into the rearview mirror and could see my baby face even now. It cuts out a lot.

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