User Manual The user manual is written by Outdoor Unlimited Training GmbH, who also offers support together with Stylite AG, see eGroupWare support. EGroupware Anwendertage perfect” part 1 and part 2 with detailed instructions (screencast) and the reseller workshop. Download PDF “PGP vs. EGroupware is a Web-based GroupWare suite (a fork of the phpGroupWare project). Basic docs (manual pages, PDF-,HTML-,/doc/-files.

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Fossies path: /linux/www/riamemamohelp.ml2 [Download | Doxygen Basic docs (manual pages, PDF-,HTML-,/doc/-files. EGroupware is free open-source groupware software intended for businesses from small to enterprises. Its primary functions allow users to manage contacts. eGroupware ManualExtract - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for Outdoor Unlimited Training GmbH Manual eGroupWare 5.

Notes on using the Zmail web client at UTD. Table of Contents. Resource Owner. Anyone given access Managing Accounts 1 s in Office A account is an object in the Outlook Calendar that represents a room or a piece of equipment. These room resources are typically small conference rooms belonging to More information. Drag-and-Drop Move items by dragging More information. Yes Will I still be More information. Web Mail Guide Kerio Connect. Kerio Connect Client. The Outlook Window.

Installing Egroupware

Signing In. Microsoft Outlook Part 1: Or, click the More information. Module One: Opening Outlook Setting Up Outlook for the First Time Understanding the Interface Logging More information. Mac Mail and ical Basics.

Logging In to Webmail. Webmail User Guide. Printing an Email. Let s take a look at the new features and functionality available on OWA.

Help Documentation. This document was auto-created from web content and is subject to change at any time.

If you encounter difficulty or need further assistance the Archdiocesan help desk can be reached at , option 1. Email Access Methods: This More information. Outlook Web App More information. Sharing More information.

Last updated October Version 1.

Core Essentials. Outlook Module 1. Diocese of St. Opening and Closing More information.

Outlook Web Access provides Webbased access to your e-mail, your calendar, your contacts, and the global address More information. Microsoft Outlook Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook Sync for Microsoft Sync for Microsoft is a plug-in for Microsoft , , or that lets you use to manage your mail, calendar, and contacts, along with your tasks, notes, and journal entries It More information. Open-Xchange Server. Now users can find any message, More information. ColdFusion More information.

This guide is intended to help with the most common tasks More information. Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook Sync for Microsoft When you switch to from an service such as Microsoft Exchange, you can use Sync for Microsoft to import your existing data into your account You can then keep working in, or you can More information.

To modify your personal account settings, click the Logon More information. Manage correspondence and contacts efficiently Use the calendar effectively for appointments, meetings and events Customise Outlook settings View and More information. Windows Client User Guide www. Outlook Web App User Manual 1. Home tab New Email to send a new mail New Items to send a new mail, a new appointment, a new meeting, a new contact, a new task, a new Lync Meeting Ignore to ignore a request Clean Up to clean More information.

Kerio Connect client. Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook Sync for Microsoft Sync for Microsoft is a plug-in for , , or that lets you use your familiar interface to manage your mail, calendar, and contacts It also lets you import data from to your More information.

EGroupware Enterprise Collaboration

Opening the program. If it is not displayed, click Start, More information. Click on products on the top menu and select More information. No part of this documentation may be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated, microfilmed, More information.

Admin Reference Guide. Microsoft Office More information.

Most popular internet browsers are supported for use as web based clients. EGroupware is the most current manifestation of a chain of projects. The original project was called webdistro. In development on the project phpgroupware began, which was based on webdistro; and in the EGroupware fork was born.

EGroupware has a very pronounced community character compared with its predecessors. There is an EGroupware constitution, adopted in , which guarantees freedom and security to the community and establishes admin elections. For a short time Tine 2. The goal of the subproject was the development of future technologies for the EGroupware project. Due to internal disagreements, the projects EGroupware and Tine 2. Since July the first professional Version of EGroupware is available. It is being sold as a software subscription.

Version Since version It includes, for example, the option to send links to read or edit files to persons that do not use EGroupware. Beside that, files can be moved via drag and drop. Filemanager is used as an alternative to the filehosting service Dropbox. Home Screen: The Home Screen is a virtual pinboard, that makes important contacts, projects or tasks always available for the user. This also allows you to include different individuals in your selection. If you wish to select a special group, you can directly apply all the users of this group by clicking on the blue arrow located behind the group in the selection window.

Users to whom you have no access privileges will be shown at the top of the window in red. To delete an entry in the selection window mark the applicable entry by clicking, or Links In eGroupWare you have the possibility to interlink information from various applications as well as to attach external data. On the one hand this permits quick access to information for a specific event, on the other hand it saves you the time consuming process of saving the same information in multiple locations.

For example, you can interlink all operations and data which concern a specific client with the client database in the address book. By clicking one of the entries on the list you will automatically be taken to the corresponding entry where you can view the details.

Consequently, you can call up all pertinent information in an instant, perhaps such as when taking a call, and all from one place.

This will bring you to a blank address file card where you can input your information. Each address file card is subdivided into different areas, also called sliders or tabs: In the following tabs you have the possibility to add information and notes to the contact: General, Categories, Private, Details and Extra.

Under Links you can link data from another application such as an appointment from the calendar with an address or attach existing files such as directions, orders or invoices to an address. To do this, select the respective information through the search function and then click on Link or, alternatively, Attach.

The selection window above the tabs refers to the data according to which your new entry will be arranged on the list — select the combination according to your needs.

You will get to the address card file where you can make your changes and additions. View address information for an organisation The address book offers you the possibility to assign an organisation a company different address data under their name e. The individual addresses are attributed as soon as the name of the organisation matches the entries.

Now you will see a list of all the organisations you are managing. By clicking on the magnifying glass on the right below the name of the organisation you will get a list of all related entries. Likewise, by selecting the option Organisation by location you will see displayed all of the organisation locations you currently administer. In this regard, the first entry of the respective organisation details all existing entries, while the entries below include data on individual locations.

Accordingly, by selecting Organisation by department you get the list of the saved data with respect to the various departments. Therefore, it is crucial to use consistent spelling! By using different spelling including upper and lower case letters, blank spaces, etc. To do this, select the organization view in the selection field situated in the upper left.

Search for the in the command column on the right. You will automatically be directed to an address card file where you can create a new data set. View all InfoLog entries linked to an address With eGroupWare you have the possibility to link information such as telephone notes, tasks, documents or even emails through InfoLog directly with the address.

Accordingly, you can have all InfoLog entries displayed associated with an organization. When you need to contact the client again all of the information is available at a glance. In one of the organization views select the organization you are looking for.

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In the command column. Clicking on it directs you to the list including all InfoLog entries linked to this organization. Availability of different address books Multiple addressbooks are at your disposal with eGroupWare, including private and personal address books for every user.

Select the address book you need access to from the selection box at the top of the page in address book. Access privileges for all address books are held by the respective owner of the address book, thereby offering considerable flexibility.

As the owner of your personal address book you can, for example, grant access to other users by going into the address book preferences under Grant access and accord the privileges to the respective person or group.

The assignment of privileges only works in one direction — accordingly you can receive different rights from other users for their personal address books by having those users grant you the same privileges. Privileges regarding group address books are accorded by the entire group — this can be done in consultation with the administration of the user group. Here again the assignment of privileges takes place solely in one direction. Should reciprocal priveleges be set up, the other participating groups must also actively grant the requested privileges.

The exception to this is the private address book. In this regard, no privileges can be accorded — information may only be viewed and edited by the user concerned. If your private address book is not automatically displayed in the address book selection box, you can enable your personal address book in the address book preferences under Preferences.

Creating distribution lists In the sorting bar above the address lists you will find the selection window Distribution lists. To create a new mailing list select Add a new list. Input the name of the new mailing list in the popup window and click Save to apply the new mailing. This list will now be included in the applicable selection box called Disttribution lists.

Now highlight the desired addresses in the address book and open the selection window named Select an action or addressbook to move to below the address book list at the right.

Select the command Add to distribution list name of the list. Once the marked addressbook entry is applied the system provides you notification above the list on how many contacts were added to the mailing list in question.

To call up the distribution list simply select the list you want in the selection window Distribution lists. The addressbook is an application to manage contact information which can be linked to other eGroupWare applications. In the 1.You can activate your private addressbook in the addressbook preferences. Managing folders..

The Home Screen is a virtual pinboard, that makes important contacts, projects or tasks always available for the user. By clicking the single arrow in the gray bar of these calendars you can scroll through upcoming right or previous left months. Opening and Closing More information.

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