Then it's time for the Atomic Robo RPG! Have you ever wanted to face down global conspiracy as an immortal atomic robot or Carl Sagan? The Atomic Robo . Evil Hat Productions, LLC. Colesville Rd #,. Silver Spring, MD Atomic Robo is a trademark of Brian. Clevinger and Scott Wegener, used with. ADDITIONAL MATERIAL. Brian Clevinger, Brian Engard, and Morgan Ellis. ATOMIC ROBO COMIC CREATION. Brian Clevinger, Scott Wegener, and Lee Black.

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EMERALD CITY COMIC CON is in Seattle from March 14th - 17th. We'll be in Artists Alley with our crew of buddies between Tables P7 and P We'll have. FCBD - Why Atomic Robo Hates Dr. Dinosaur. The Shadow Issue 2 - The Doom That Came to Robo Issue 3 - Why Dr. Dinosaur Hates Atomic Robo. For everyone who is fine with just PDFs, Atomic Robo is now available. They were selling them as book+PDF for a while, until some minimal.

The galaxy it fleshed out was a rich scifi universe with some interesting corners to explore. From the iPod clean Citadel to the dark streets of Omega, it offers a variety of locales to explore and worlds to saveor rob. FATE has always been a good system for pulpy adventures and video games like Mass Effect are pure pulp.

Atomic Robo. How is it different?

When the Atomic Robo rpg came out, it set a great template for how to handle scifi in FATE and sets a good starting point for where to go. This document is a guide on how to use AR to play out adventures in the Mass Effect universe. It will try to be unintrusive as possible. Conflicts For the most parts, the normal rules for ARs physical conflicts are just fine for Mass Effect.

One distinction is that conflicts should always take place in atleast 2 zones as Mass Effect tends to have fights occur in big areas. You shouldnt have more than four, but a minimum of 2 is advised.

The Story – Atomic Robo Vol. 1 – 9 (TPB) (2015)

In a similar vein, Mass Effect is a cover-based shooter. As such, situation aspects to make travel to other zones difficult is encouraged. Even if an obvious example doesnt exist in an environment, you could always use Enemys Fire or Out Of Cover as one.

Modes While Atomic Robo didnt introduce modes, modes have certainly become associated with the game. They are a nice system to ensure that characters are competent in a variety of fields and, in most peoples eyes, make character generation fast and easy.

Some Weird Modes from AR, of course, should be avoided. The Standard Modes are fine right out the box.

A Mass Effect Guide For The Atomic Robo RPG

Weird Modes to be avoided are: Beast Someone could play a Varren or the like, but its a bad idea , Dinosaur, Martial Artist Kai Leng sort of fits this, but the less said about him the better , Spirit, and Telepath. Some may notice that I have chosen not to add racial weird modes. This was done for three reasons: 1 to avoid humans being the baseline and 2 to avoid the every X is like Y situation that may stymie creativity, and 3 to make it easier to be a different species.

There's some stuff in the middle, and then there's a version where you get a bunch of points and are basically told to go to town and do what you want; it's more time consuming, but you get more control. There are some point build rules for building your own skills from scratch which are incidentally much simpler than the ones in Strange Fate.

You don't download more stunts by reducing your refresh. Instead, your extra stunts give the GM more fate points. Specifically, you know that moment when a bunch of smart people in a TV show or movie start to theorize about things?


This is rules for that. It's a semi-collaborative, semi-competitive set of rules for guiding your guesses. There are mega-stunts, which are stunts with more than the effect you normally get from a single stunt.

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Password forgotten? Click here. Atomic Robo RPG. Average Rating 28 ratings. More Science! Remain Calm.

Atomic Effect: A Mass Effect Guide For The Atomic Robo RPG

Trust in Science. Role Playing Game Format: Customers Who Bought this Title also downloadd. Reviews 6. Please log in to add or reply to comments.

Jeff C November 13, 5: November 13, 5: There's a physical version that's been available in worldwide gamestore distribution since We don't have plans for print on demand as it would be prohibitively expensive as well as lower quality in that format. Gustavo C. Really great book, does a wonderfull job explaining it's version of Fate Core with examples in mini comic form.

Atomic Robo

And now that the Atomic Robo comic went webcomic you can check the tone and a lot of the setting before you download it.

Antoine P.

First of all, let me say that I may be biased on the matter since I am such a huge fan of the Atomic Robo comic books. Seriously, if you don't know it, go have a look.

But even if you have never read Atomic robo, this iteration of Fate Core may be the [ Roger L. Ein Rollenspiel-Regelwerk zu lesen, kann anstrengend sein. Stacey M. A good version of the Fate System.

I especially appreciate the way the rules are illustrated with panels from the comic - pretty, but also really helpful.

This would be a fun game for any kind of "action science" adventure - perfect fo [ Jay S. It manages to hit all three most important factors in licensed RPGs:Not just that, but they came in two categories: normal and heavy.

Concussive Shot: Once per session, without rolling, create a boost related to knocking people down. Having gear to start with, building it, and borrowing it.

The Deadly Art of Science. Create Content for your Favorite Games.

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