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Retire to a quiet spot with a copy of This Time Is Different: Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff. The next time you hear that canard and you will pour yourself a single malt and dip into Carmen M.

Reinhart and Kenneth S. Rogoff's landmark study, This Time Is Different. Wherever you open the book, you'll find proof that debt-fueled expansions have ended in financial ruin for hundreds of years The result is a visual history laid out in beguilingly simple graphs and tables, making the book both definitive--a must read for professors and investors--and accessible to a wider audience.

Reinhart and Rogoff have done an extraordinary job in putting together statistics on government debt--a task that economic historians should have done long ago but shied away from because of the difficulties of defining 'government', which is often complex and multi-layered. The authors package their notably nonhysterical analysis of the latest crisis in a large, self-contained section of the book inviting harried readers to skip right ahead to it.

This Time is Different is a must-read for anyone on the lookout for canaries in coal mines. The book's most memorable passages--what the authors call its 'core life'--are to be found not in colorful stories about long-ago personalities, but rather in its various tables and figures.

They take some time to comprehend, but any responsible citizen can and ought to consider they evidence they present. It is overwhelming. For a book built around numbers, This Time is Different makes for surprisingly good reading.


The authors are well aware that human nature is at the heart of the disasters they document, and they enliven the text with brief and amusing accounts of charlatans and cheats. But there has been much debate about the scale of this crisis, and how it ranks against previous events. Reinhart and Rogoff have produced the most detailed study yet of financial crises, going back as far as 12th-century China By cataloguing so thoroughly every known instance of financial crisis, it performs a significant service and opens up new lines of inquiry.

These are lessons worth learning. But their volume is not merely of historical interest. Rather, it has great relevance for anyone interested in understanding how the current financial crisis is likely to unfold.

Their ambitious quantitative history of financial crises draws out sweeping parallels between financial crises, across times and continents; and between inflating away domestic debt, currency debasements, and defaults on external debt. This Time is Different analyzes vast amounts of historical data on financial debacles, including state failures around the world, bank crises, currency woes and high inflation. The title satirizes those who fail to learn from past blunders and repeat them while insisting, 'This time is different.

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Reading this excellent book on the paths of previous economic cycles could help avoid some of the worst results of our self-destructive financial acts. Net Easily the most useful, and arguably the best, is this splendid piece of research and analysis on, as the subtitle says, years' worth of booms and busts. It is the start of a truly comprehensive approach to the subject It adds new ideas that will be useful for gauging the risk of future crises and perhaps even reducing their impact, if investors and policymakers are willing to learn from other people's mistakes, not just their own mistakes.

I've never seen anything that comes close in terms of being comprehensive. It's a tour de force.

In their landmark study of hundreds of financial crises in 66 countries over years, Reinhart and Rogoff find oft-repeated patterns that ought to alert economists when trouble is on the way. One thing stops them waking up in time: The authors' empirical work is encyclopedic and much of the data are highly original and the result of intense effort. The necessary theoretical framing is provided, but in terms that all target readers should be able to absorb.

The overall view is panoramic and the message carried is an important one for all to hear--policymakers, commentators, and researchers. Crises are still with us, they are very painful indeed, and perhaps it will always be so.

It is up to us to figure out why and how crises happen, and to figure out what, if anything, can and should be done to mitigate their devastating effects in future.

This book is therefore, above all, a call to action. Lees de eerste pagina's. Reviews Schrijf een review. EWLameijer Hollandsche Rading 13 juni Compleet degelijk. Password Notices Tip Got Facebook?

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Toon meer Toon minder Recensie s A witty, invigorating exploration of human behaviour and discovery. Bahcall makes the whole idea sing by bringing in references from across business, history, cinema and science. If you care about ideas -- especially new and out-of-the-box ones -- you need to read this book. This book is a must read for anyone in business, education, or public service. Bahcall's fresh ideas and practical solutions--an unusual combination of psychology and physics--should change the way any person or team sets out to change the world.

Today's threats cannot be met by might alone. To defend our nation in an increasingly competitive world, we need to innovate faster and better than those who would do us harm. Bahcall offers a solution to the challenge of nurturing innovation without sacrificing core capabilities or operational edge.E-mail deze pagina.

Door mee te gaan met de perspectiefwisselingen en meditatieve oefeningen zal de lezer aan den lijve ervaren hoe een pad van ontwaken en opgroeien werkt.

The physics suggests, moreover, how companies can be disciplined and innovative at the same time. The Age of Innocence won… Meer.

Alle bindwijzen en edities 5. Belangrijk is de afgrenzing tussen psychotherapie en spirituele ontwikkeling: Opgroeien en Ontwaken.

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