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The Game Of Stocks Adam Khoo PDF DOWNLOAD: Adam Khoo Winning The Game Of Stocks Millionaires. best investors are able to predict the market and somehow time their investments. Secrets of Speed Seduction Mastery Cover. Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires How You Can Create an Extraordinary Income I more than tripled my money in the stock market through investing in both US. Secrets of Millionaire Investors Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth Financing Secrets of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor.

When no opportunities present themselves, reactive people just sit and wait for the opportunities to come to them. When reactive people face problems, they will just wait for others to come and solve their problem. Remember the example I gave you earlier about Richard Branson who took the unthinkable action to charter a plane and sell seats on it when he was stranded? That is a clear example of proactive thinking. Many business owners were reactive and just sat tight and prayed for the bad times to pass.

Another example I can give you is of the owner of an event management company. His name is Chris. Many event companies which just waited for projects to happen, lost lots of money and eventually folded. Again, it is because owners and managers who were reactive led them. However, Chris had the proactive mindset. When he found that there were still not enough projects being offered by clients, he took the next step of creating his own events!

You are in command and will take action that leads to wealth and success. Millionaire Habit 3: Wealth habit number three is the habit of taking responsibility for your results and wealth!

Remember when you give excuses to yourself i. When you are not in control, you do not have the power to change your circumstances. They believe that they alone create their wealth through their strategies and actions. As a result, they know that they have the power to change their wealth by changing their strategies and actions. It is only when you live by this habit will you have the power to exponentially multiply your income and wealth.

Millionaire Habit 4: As a result, these people spend a lot more than they invest. It is precisely for this reason that whatever money comes into their hands will soon be frittered away and not multiplied. They have no patience to wait for the seeds they sow to grow into huge money trees that bear fruit. You see, there are only two ways you can use your money.

You can either spend it or invest it. You get zero returns. They have the patience to wait for greater abundance in the future. Again, they know that by spending a dollar, they may feel good for an instant, but their future wealth will be destroyed. When it comes to spending money, they are extremely frugal. However when it comes to investing, they do not think twice about writing a check for a few thousands dollars.

They know that through patience, that money will multiply into a future fortune. Millionaires never take shortcuts in business. They look at always giving the best value to their customers, even if it means earning less at present. It is why I earn many more times than most people my age. You see, when I was in college and university, most of my friends spent their holidays partying and having fun.

Sure enough by the time I graduated from University I had streams of passive income from my best-selling book and two businesses that I had set up. Frankly, I never felt deprived. I had so much passion for what I was doing that indulging in drinking and idle lounge-lizard chatter just seemed like a huge waste of time.

Nor did I miss social companionship. In fact a couple of them are still working with me today. Let me give you another example.

When it comes to spending money, I am extremely hesitant. Once I saw a mobile phone that I really liked.

I kept staring at that phone over and over again but eventually walked away. But most people do the exact opposite. No wonder they are poor!

Millionaire Habit 5: Network marketing? Options trading? Again, this is the minority. The majority will be just making enough to get by. The majority of businesses in education are struggling to survive. If you are not one of the best, you will never become rich in ANY industry. So, how do you become the best in the market?

The answer is by being totally, absolutely one hundred percent committed towards your particular career or business.

People become the best at what they do only because they eat, sleep, breathe, talk and think their business eighteen hours a day sometimes, they even dream about it as they sleep.

And the only way you can become totally obsessed and committed towards something is when you have a love and passion for it!

All successful individuals have one thing in common. They love what they do. And because they have such an intense passion for their particular career or business, they do not distinguish work from play.

The reason why I dare say that I am one of the best motivational speakers around and was able to build the leading personal development training company is because I am totally obsessed with what I do. I love writing, developing curriculum and most of all, I love training and empowering people. It gives me such a great feeling to see people change their lives and achieving success with what I have taught them. In fact, as I am writing this book right now, it is All my friends think I am nuts for being a workaholic who works hours a day and days a year.

The only day I stop working is Chinese New Year, which happens once a year. It is because of my obsession and total focus on what I do that has allowed me to overtake all my competitors to become the best in my industry. Every successful millionaire I know has a love and obsession for what they do. He is constantly obsessed with talking about cockroaches, bees, ants and rats.

Similarly, Tiger Woods is the best golfer in the world because he is obsessed with golf. It is his intense passion for the game that gets him to hit hundreds of balls under the hot sun every single day till he gets it perfect!

It is not the money that motivates him. The reason is because like all millionaires, what drives him is never really the money per se; it is the love of being at the forefront of technology. They got in because it was what they loved to do. They love to do it so much that they would even do it for free.

This is why although they never have to work for money ever again, they keep working harder and harder. Unless you do what you love to do, you will never become rich — Adam Khoo Many people have the belief that millionaires are people who are just naturally more motivated, disciplined and focused. The truth is that when anyone does something he or she loves, the motivation, focus and discipline always comes naturally. It is not your passion! Think about it.

Do you have a natural passion for something? Do you have a hobby? Like playing golf? Looking at beautiful women or men? Computer games? Playing with children?

Well, this is the secret that will lead to your success and wealth! When you give your best to whatever you are crazy about, you will become the best! They have got to force themselves to be disciplined and motivated.

After a while, you will burn out and give up from the stress and exhaustion. Instead, you must do what you love to do now! When this happens, the money will automatically follow. They were not primarily motivated by the money but by the love of helping people.

You can always make a highly lucrative career out of any passion! You only need to learn how to make it marketable and learn how to commercialize it! This is exactly what you will learn to do in the chapters that follow! Remember, do what you love and you will never work another day in your life! Millionaire Habit 6: Acting with Integrity Many people have the perception that the fabulously rich and powerful are dishonest and unethical. And who can blame them after hearing stories of how millionaire executives rip off their shareholders in scandal after scandal on Wall Street?

What is integrity and why is it so important to long term wealth? It is also about doing what you say you will do. When you act with integrity, your customers, colleagues and staff will place their trust in you.

They know that you mean what you say and that you will not let them down. They know that you will give them the best quality for their money and they know that you will not cheat them. How did he do it? Where did he get the money to get started? Initially he worked at a company called Karma.

Instead of waiting to be retrenched, Goel took the proactive step Millionaire Habit 2 of undertaking a management downloadout of the Singapore unit. In order to keep the business going, he persuaded his customers to pay him in advance so that he could use the money to download the products from his suppliers.

The only reason his customers agreed was because Goel had built up his reputation as an honest and trustworthy man while dealing with them in the past. A few months later, he bumped into his old boss at Sim Lim Square. This is the power of building a reputation of trust and honesty. That was not all. Goel also happened to meet up with an old friend and ex-customer in Sim Lim Square. As a result, many people have asked me what I look for in a business partner they know that anyone who works with me will make alot of money.

So, always act with integrity and you will possess one of the greatest strengths of all. Millionaire Habit 7: When you merely want, wish or hope to achieve a goal, it will rarely ever happen. You see, when something becomes an absolute MUST to you, it gets you to operate from a totally different frame of mind. When something is a MUST, it will become your number one priority and nothing will ever come in its way until that goal is accomplished.

When something is a MUST, you will do whatever it takes to get it within limits of integrity of course! Even if it means stretching way beyond your comfort zone and investing time, energy or money, you will do whatever it takes.

This is because the path to achieving any goal and creating wealth is never easy. All the problems that you can possibly think of will come to test your faith and endurance and to stretch you out of your comfort zone. You may encounter people discouraging you, friends leaving you and things not going as planned trust me, I have experienced all this and more. Has this happened to you before?

So, the only way you will ever achieve your goals of becoming rich is to make it a MUST for yourself. I remember that when I was in Secondary school, a group of close friends and I shared our dreams about becoming millionaires and business owners. The only difference was that for many of them, that dream was merely a dream. For me, it was an absolute must! Have you ever had a list of goals to achieve or actions to take, but kept putting them off?

Did you eventually get some of them done? Why is it that you eventually got some things done but not the rest? I would bet that those things that you got done eventually became a must for you! It eventually crossed the deadline and you HAD to get it done. You see, we will never do anything in our life until it becomes an absolute must for us. The trouble is that when something becomes a must, it is often too late. For example, I know a friend who set a goal to quit smoking.

He knew that it was doing him harm and he really wanted to. Sure enough, he kept procrastinating year after year. When something is a must, our brain gets us to tap our fullest potential to make it happen. It is merely a wish. However, it is always a must to survive The answer is by putting yourself on the line.

When you put yourself in situation where you give yourself no choice BUT to succeed, you very often will. If you study the life stories of millionaire history makers, many of them came to a point in their lives where they put themselves on the line and staked everything they had.

It was this level of commitment that made it possible for him to overcome all the odds that stood in his way. Many people have the perception that Lucas was just a genius who was fortunate enough to dream up this naturally successful movie. During production, anything that could have possibly gone wrong went wrong! What made things worse was that Lucas suffered severe chest pains in the middle of all this and was warded for severe stress and exhaustion.

Most directors would have given up and cut their losses, knowing that it was impossible to achieve it all in three days.

But to Lucas, it was a must Lucas hired a triple crew, divided the stage into three sets and directed three scenes concurrently.

Three days later, Star Wars was delivered and the rest is history. As a teenager, Lucas set a goal of becoming a millionaire at the age of thirty. He was off by two years: Lucas made his millions by the age of twenty-eight. His belief and commitment paid off. There are other ways of putting yourself on the line. As for me, I personally put myself on the line by making public commitments. Whenever I set a goal, I would announce to everyone my plans because I know that the moment I do so, there would be no turning back.

I had to make it happen! Millionaire Habit 8: Most people have the impression that successful people never fail and that millionaires never lose money. This is a huge lie and distortion that prevents people from becoming rich. The truth is that everybody fails at one point or another.

In fact, millionaires fail more times than anybody else because they take so much more action. I have made countless stupid mistakes, lost a lot of money and have failed so often that I have lost count. So mark my words, you will fail many times before you ever succeed. This is the critical habit that makes the difference between the rich and the poor. There are three ways people respond to failure.

Have you ever been guilty of doing this before? Sure enough, this way of responding to failure will see many dreams fade away. The second group does not give up that easily. So they quickly get on their feet and try again. If their business fails, they go start another business. If they lose money investing in the stock market, they will go and try to download different stocks. Will they eventually succeed? They keep making the same mistakes, doing the same thing again and again.

Sure enough they keep getting the same disappointing results. So what happens after a while? They eventually get so frustrated and tired that they too will throw in the towel. Some may even begin to accept mediocrity and fear to dream of anything better. Do you know anyone who has been caught in this trap? Have you ever done it yourself? Success is the result of good judgment. Good judgment is the result of experience. Experience is the result of bad judgment — Anthony Robbins Millionaires approach and perceive failure very differently.

Rather, they see themselves as getting a learning experience! To them, failure is not the end, but only a detour. They see it as feedback that they are not using the right strategy. They then take this feedback, learn from the experience and change their strategy! If changing their strategy still does not get them the result, they will once again get more feedback, change their strategy and take action again.

They keep doing this again and again until they get the results they want! By doing so, they turn their failures into success! Sim Wong Hoo, the founder of Creative Technologies did not succeed until numerous business failures. After spending countless hours and hundreds of thousands of investment dollars on the product, it turned out to be a dismal failure. It was just too expensive and complicated for its time. What did he do?

He went back and changed his strategy. And that one idea turned Creative Technologies into a billion dollar global company. You see, all you need is only ONE great idea that will make you your fortune. It only comes after lots of bad ideas. Another great example that never fails to inspire me about turning crushing failure into resounding success is the story of Steve Jobs, the founder and current CEO of Apple Computers. Steve co-founded Apple at the age of 21 in As Apple continued its phenomenal growth, it was decided that professional management had to be hired to run the huge organization.

To make things worse, Apple sued Steve for neglecting his duties. While those in the business world wrote him off, Steve who possessed the millionaire mindset, took it as a huge learning experience millionaire habit 8 and took the proactive action millionaire habit 2 of starting a new and better company called NeXT computers. He believed that he could develop a range of hardware and software that would be even better than that at Apple.

Did he succeed? In the meantime,Apple Computer was on the verge of bankruptcy in after suffering from internal mismanagement and lack of new product innovation. If not for Pixar, he would not have become a pioneer in digital animation and if not for NeXT software he developed, Apple would never have the Mac OS X operating system that has made Apple a huge success today. Of course I respect money. Well there are many people who consciously desire to be rich and know that money is important.

However, at a deeper level they may not realize that their subconscious mind either holds many limiting beliefs about money or associate lots of negative feelings towards money. These negative associations cause them to repel money and prevent them from becoming rich without even realizing it. Do you feel that although you consciously desire to be rich, but something holds you back?

Have you experienced working hard to achieve your goals. However the moment you start getting results and seeing your wealth increase, you tend to go into the pattern of sabotaging it? Like the moment your bank account hits a certain amount, you start losing your motivation until the money dips below a certain level then you start working hard again? I know of some friends who say that the moment they get a certain amount of money, they will tend to spend it away or lose it.

Again, its either because you have a lot of negative associations towards money or many limiting beliefs are holding you back. I remember a time when I gave a seminar to a group of teenagers and I was teaching them about the power of spotting opportunities and taking action on them. I waved the bill in my hand for a good 10 minutes asking if there were any takers, but none came up.

Eventually, one boy hesitantly came up and took the money. The answers I got were: In other words, what prevented them from taking action on any opportunity were the limiting beliefs and associations they had formed about money.

The scary thing is that the same thing happens in life! Again, it is because of the beliefs that have been formed in their subconscious mind. As many of us grow up, we may unknowingly pick up many limiting beliefs and painful associations towards money from our family members, friends, teachers and relatives. As a result, their subconscious starts associating thoughts and desire for money as being bad or evil.

Secrets of Millionaire Investors

Have you been taught to believe this as well? Because many people who come from working class families see their parents working so hard for money, they subconsciously believe that working hard is the only way to make money. This belief causes them to fail to realize that big money is from ideas and not just hard work.

Warren Buffett made his billions by downloading companies at half of what they were really worth. Entrepreneurs make money by downloading something a lot cheaper than what it is worth, re-packaging it and sell it for ten times the price!

As a result, your subconscious mind associates so much fear, hate and negative feelings towards money that it will stop you from ever becoming rich. However, you have to understand that your friends, parents or teachers may have taught you all these things because they probably thought they were passing on good advice.

Their parents and teachers probably taught it to them as well, and that is why they have never become rich. Very often, they also choose to believe all these negative things about money because it helps them to justify their own lack of money. I know that consciously you respect and love money for what it can do, but I want you to set aside your pre-judgments and really think about the subconscious beliefs and feelings that you associate with money.

Every time he closes a few big deals he was a property agent and made a nice pile of cash, he would sabotage his success by spending it all away. The adults were perpetually miserable and constantly neglected their only child. The moment he started identifying the problem and resolving it, his ability to hold onto and multiply his money began to change dramatically. So, I want you to grab a pen and spend a full, uninterrupted ten minutes to do this exercise.

Just write whatever comes into your mind. If you think too much or too long about it, you are going to come up with a lot of useless politically correct answers. What you should be interested in are your hidden subconscious associations! The only way to get them out is to keep pushing yourself to write non-stop.

Even when you feel like you are stuck and there is nothing left to write, squeeze something out, be it positive or negative. I bet you will be surprised with what you come up with. So are you ready? Stop reading now and start writing!

So, what have you uncovered from penning down all your thoughts? What beliefs or associations do you have about money? Are they positive or negative? Good or bad? What beliefs do you have about rich people? Do you respect them or resent them? Do you admire them or loathe them?

If you resent rich people and think that they are bad, then your unconscious mind will NEVER allow you to become rich. Do you share any of them? They worship money Fact It is the people who lack money who worship it. Who works all day, year after year in a job which they hate, just for the money? Who is wishing they had more money? Who is constantly worrying about money?

It is those who are wealthy or those who have no money? I rest my case. In fact, the rich rarely work because of money. They work because of passion and a sense of personal mission. Myth If I became wealthy, I will lose all my friends Fact If you lose some of your friends, it only means that you have found out who your false friends are.

When you become wealthy, you will make new friends with a wealthy mindset. Myth To have more money, I will be depriving others of it. There is not enough money for everyone to be rich Fact When you become rich, you actually create more wealth for other people. Wealth multiplies into more wealth. You see, money is a measure of the exchange of value. When you make more money, it means you are creating more value and wealth in the world. Because of his invention, so many more millionaires have been created as a result.

Think about it, if Microsoft Windows, Word and Excel did not exist, would you have been able to create as much wealth as you have today? Myth Having a lot of money will give me a lot of worries and problems Fact The majority of the problems people face in life relationships, health, career are the result of the LACK of money. The number one cause of murder, cheating, stealing, lying is poverty the lack of money.

Debunking the Myths of Money The truth is that many of these beliefs and attitudes that some people hold onto with much conviction are nothing but inaccurate generalizations and excuses that keep them from living a truly a happy and wealthy life. In order to truly align your mind to wealth creation, you must debunk these negative myths and really look at the facts It brings out the true person within you.

However, if you are a kind, generous and loving person deep down inside, money will magnify your goodness. Myth Money will not download you happiness Fact True.

However, not having money will not make you happier as well. The truth is that everything is money. Without money, you cannot maximize other important values such as family, career, health, spirituality and relationships. In fact, the wealthiest people in the world are extremely spiritual. Not having to worry about money anymore allows many of the rich to focus on the more important things in life.

Instead, I want you to write down as many positive associations and new empowering beliefs as you can about money.


It is because all of us have been told the greatest lie of all, the lie that has been keeping us from becoming rich. Let me start off by asking you to do a simple exercise. I would like you to close your eyes and picture a millionaire in your mind.

Picture the clothes the person is wearing, the car he drives, how he spends his money, how he spends his day and how he dines. Go ahead and do this NOW before you go onto the next paragraph. Well, what picture came into your mind? Why is this so? It is precisely these beliefs and habits that actually keep us from becoming wealthy! The truth is that very few self-made millionaires live this way. In fact, the only ones who do live this indolent, self-indulgent lifestyle are the minority of millionaires who either inherited all their wealth or who made their money through sports or entertainment.

And all of them usually have one thing in common. Their wealth is only temporary. Look at Mike Tyson, Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown and a whole list of other celebrities who made hundreds of millions within their careers.

They are either all broke or heavily in debt today. What he discovered was a shocking revelation that made his book an instant best-seller. It was discovered that many people who had high paying jobs, drove the latest luxury cars and wore the latest designer clothes and who appeared to be have millions to spend, were usually broke with a low personal net worth.

Eighty-percent of them were born poor or from middle class families. I must admit that when I was much younger, I too had the same distorted beliefs about how real millionaires lived. When I was a kid, I used to admire and envy people who drove the latest Porsche Boxsters and who lived in Penthouses and lived lavish lifestyles. He said that they were one paycheck away from going broke.

I never really understood what he meant until much later on in my life. We now know that this is not at all true. The longer you can go on living your life without working another day, the richer you actually are.

Your passive income refers to income that you will continue to receive even after you stop working. Besides his full time job, he has no other sources of income. How is this so? You are going to learn how to achieve this return with minimal risk in the later chapters. So you can see how Susan can very comfortably go on forever without working another day in her life!

Can you now see that your wealth i. How Wealthy Are You Now? How much in liquid assets do you have? This refers to how much cash and cash equivalents you have to pay off your monthly expenses.

These are assets that you can easily sell off within a month. What are your monthly expenses? How much do you spend a month on average including interest payments on loans? How much passive income do you have? This refers to sources of income that will continue if you were to stop working. What is your level of wealth? How do you do this?

First you must understand To my mentors and trainers who have helped me discover the true power within myself. To my success and wealth mentors like Dr. Tad James, Dr.

Allen, George Fontanills and Anthony Robbins all of whom have taught me the invaluable strategies of wealth and success. Acknowledgements By Conrad Alvin Lim The list of people who have led me to this point is surprisingly short.

The faith, trust and encouragement however, is anything but short. These few individuals are the reason any successful person strives to better themselves. They set the bar, raised it every so often, pushed when beliefs were failing, admonished my faults and kept me humble. My expectations were never good enough and they drove me harder. They were always there to support, motivate and encourage. Yet, they did not control, blame or failed in their faith in me.

For this, I am eternally grateful. For seeing the possibilities, the opportunity and the promise of what I do, I owe everything to Patrick Cheo. I have always respected and admired people with vision and often modeled such outstanding individuals.

Working with Patrick has brought that respect to another realm. My co-writer, Adam Khoo, needs no more accolades. This young man has taught this old man how to re-live my life and be young again. He made me realize how much I wasted and how it could have been so much better.

His generosity and sincerity brought back a belief I had lost; that no one could be that genuine and be trusted. His faith and trust has given me this new lease of life which I can never repay. To say that she kept the faith and trusted in my abilities, does not do justice to the effort, tears, agony, stress, strength, will and determination of this woman. When everything fell apart, she fought to keep it together. She defended when others attacked.

When things were bleak, she made it bright. She made life clear when it went blur. She brought home the bread when I went broke. She is strength when I am weak. She is my laughter when I should cry. I love you. About Adam Khoo Adam Khoo is an entrepreneur, a bestselling author and a peak performance trainer. Adam holds an honors degree in business administration from the National University of Singapore.

He is very sought after for his intimate knowledge of Technical Analysis. He has trained more than 70 students to date and has had no less than 4 who have become full time traders. Japanese Candlestick application. Conrad is growing his portfolio at an average In January The Variable Standard 6 and Sector Investing. Amongst others. Two years ago. Conrad created and runs the Wealth Investor Club.

PHI-Bonacci Expansion. Making Money From the Markets Chapter 2: Value Investing: Momentum Investing: Catching Stocks Before they Fly! Chapter 6: The Amazing World of Options Chapter 7: With a click of the mouse. You log into your online brokerage account and make a download for a stock. You continue watching television and have a lively conversation with your spouse. Is all this just a fantasy? Can this really be possible? Thousands of well-informed and well-trained investors all over the world are making hundreds.

The explosive growth of the Internet. Imagine another scenario. Within a month of consistent trading with both gains and losses. While your friends are struggling to meet their monthly expense obligations and pay off debts which they have accumulated over the years. I started reading and got very interested in self-development books written by motivational gurus like Anthony Robbins Unlimited Power.

This goal was especially inspired by reading about Anthony Robins. I was then able to start actively selling and downloading more shares through her account.

My grandfather believed that giving shares instead of the customary cash would teach us about the importance of saving and investing. After being exposed to their inspirational stories about the power of human potential. Since I was too young to have a brokerage account. My name is Adam Khoo and it is my privilege and honor to have this opportunity to share with you the secrets which myself.

You will be amazed at how you can make money when stocks go up. At about the same time. Since I was aged There were two important lessons about wealth that made the greatest impact on my life.

These books taught me that in order to become rich. It did not help that friends and relatives told me that the stock market was a legalized casino and that downloading stocks was as good as gambling.

I became confused and frustrated. I started a mobile disco business. What did I do wrong? Investing is supposed to make me rich but instead it caused me to lose my hard earned money. After two years of saving my hard earned money. And so. I decided to sell whatever stocks I had left and deposited. I found that instead of my money growing. I learnt that in order to become rich. I also made money through giving motivational talks to students. After working as a parttime Disk Jockey DJ for a mobile disco company.

I diligently saved my money and invested it all into Singapore and Malaysian stocks. I had to learn to invest a lot more than I spent. I started thinking of numerous ways I could begin making money as a student. The second important lesson was that my wealth did not just depend on how much I earned. Empowered and inspired.

Pretty soon. It was through the combined teachings of my father. Some of the stocks I bought even went bust or got suspended. I realized that a bit of knowledge no matter how good. No wonder I lost money! I set myself a goal of learning everything that was necessary to become a successful investor.

I had no idea of how to identify high growth companies. Amazed and re-inspired. While what many of the earlier wealth books said were true i.

I started searching for more answers and clues as to how people made money through their investments. Through his stock picking skills. I stayed away from the stock market. At that time. I had broken all the fundamental rules in investing and did not follow any of the steps required to download winning stocks of great companies.

For the next two years. I decided to learn how Buffett managed to create such consistent success in an area where I met such failure. I merely bought stocks based on the advice of brokers and friends or based on the fact that a stock was widely publicized and talked about.

Within 12 months. Pepsico Symbol: I had the opportunity again to download great companies like Nike Symbol: B at prices that were below the true value of the stock. I had more than doubled my investments and made back all my previous losses. It was later in that I learnt how to invest in the dynamic US stock market. I had again more than doubled my investments. Because of the economic recession.

They did it not by downloading stocks that were undervalued. Using these additional investment strategies. Using this method known as value investing. DBS and Keppel Land.

I was totally blown away when I saw friends of mine who were able to double their money not in a matter of months. Sure enough. Excited and amazed. I was on a roll! Because the US market was still recovering from the great stock market decline in It was the result of a string of events that led me to that point in my life. I believe that all those events happened for a reason and that reason was to lead me to the point in my life in which I now stand.

It may not seem like a lot to many professional investors. In I was a struggling middle-aged nobody with a wife and two small children to feed. I took the last big hit of my life when I became a bankrupt. I was headhunted and. Looking back. I would like to share with you another even more inspiring story about the power of investing. For some people. Conrad uses investing strategies to create a monthly income for himself. The story about how my co-author and co-trainer for Wealth Academy Mr.

And if I really cared for myself. Like so many others. So I looked in the mirror and asked myself who really cared the most? The answer was right in front of me. I got out of my ugly shoes by realizing that the ones who really care are the ones who really put in an effort to help. Not only did he build his entire fortune purely through investing. Conrad Lim made his fortune in the markets is one that is very different from mine. While I make most of my money from my businesses and invest it for higher returns.

By the year I could also seek solace in the fact that in spite of any effort. I could not collect on some of the outstanding invoices owed to my company as these. I could have done more. The difference now was that I was getting more expensive to hire as my experience and curriculum vitae was getting more and more impressive.

So I hired more staff and expanded within a year in anticipation of more business. But the result was the same. Then it happened. I could not afford to pay out salaries and my staff walked out. I upgraded my car. The business was a resounding success and I had to cope with this growth. I was again out of work and expecting our second child. In my capacity. I was soon raking in the big bucks and living the high life. Although I can conveniently blame the Asian Financial Crisis for the closure of my division.

My second failure arose when I was again headhunted and paid a handsome salary to be the General Manager of a once leading leisure and travel group that became defunct. I became more ambitious and grew ever more careless. I was left high and dry.

By the end of I decided to put my pride aside and took the painful decision to bite the bullet and to gasp! Who would hire me now. It was the worst thing I could do but the best advise I ever had. It was the most traumatic experience I would never want to re-live. As I learnt this new skill. All my so-called friends were nowhere to be found. As a year old former Managing Director. We adjusted our lifestyle and prepared for a life of poverty.

I went back to my roots and picked up several books on design and taught myself how to edit video and audio. I was now over experienced. And that is just what I did. We sold the car and took the bus. I would not be writing this book had I not been forced by my wife to swallow my pride and grovel for a living.

I spoke to my wife. I realized that at the rate I was going. But there was no other way I was going to bring the bacon home because after 20 years.

The Answer to My Financial Freedom? That was until I did a video project about online investing and trading with Options. Adam Khoo. I had to completely rethink my life. I learnt that while I could not change the past. The wife. I churned out the work from my humble home and ran my small freelance business with low or no cost. The idea of being an investor grabbed my imagination.

If I continued to run my one-man design operation. After setting these huge goals. But as things were. I soon learnt. I showed her the material I was working on and how easy and affordable it could be to become a full time trader.

The promise of becoming a millionaire and improving the life of our family and our future generations. As luck would have it.

Secrets of Millionaire Investors

I stopped trading and took some time away from the market. My health took a dip because of the late trading hours. Our savings were running thin. I began to wonder if the claims of making money from investing were nothing but a big pipe dream. Things had taken a turn for the worse and the dream was becoming a nightmare. I attended several more trading workshops and picked up more strategies.

After reading these books and learning the true ins and outs of investing. This was not how I dreamt it would be. That led me to pick up more books on investing and trading.

I hit the libraries. Pattern Trading. Momentum Trading. I got to know and modeled some real traders who gave valuable insights into the world of online trading. Sector Investing and even Japanese Candlestick Analysis. Soon enough. Like Adam said earlier on. I got my self-esteem back up on the high.

How on earth did I expect to pick up something in four days and believe that it would be so easy to accomplish something that others have taken years to build? There was no turning back and failure was not an option anymore.

With that. By the end of the month January. So every Saturday. That moment was one of the sweetest memories in my mind. And my earnings keep increasing as time goes by and my experience builds. I post all my trades both wins and losses on my BLOG and website.

You can view them at www. I am proud to say that many of them have gone on to experience a lot of success and have shown their appreciation by continuously recommending more students to me. As of the 29th March In fact. When news of my investment skills spread within the investing circles. It has indeed been a dream comes true for me.

I know it can be done. When he found that my investing skills could add tremendous value and synergy to his work. Your dreams will inspire you daily to take action and to keep moving forward. When you choose to keep learning from your mistakes and changing your strategy.

I know. My Message to You! I know it will be achieved. You must believe in yourself and continue to dare to dream of the best for you and your family.

Rather it is what you choose to do about it that makes the difference. It is my prayer that as you read this book. This is because we do not want to be pulling any punches. We want to teach you everything that you will need to get starting in investing safely. At times. Short-term investment strategies can provide you a way of generating an additional source of monthly income to eventually even replace the income you earn from your full time job.

I believe the ability to invest is one of the most powerful skills you can ever learn in your life! Unless you learn how to consistently save and let your money work hard for you. This is why so many intelligent and highly educated. Although I have made most of my money from my businesses.

Have saved up a tidy sum of money with no idea how to make it grow? Are you looking for ways to build an additional source of income from home? If your answer is yes to any of the above questions. Just like Conrad Alvin Lim. Investing is Highly Risky? As a result of past painful experiences and well-intentioned advice from ignorant friends. This is where this book comes in.

In this chapter and the ones to come. In order to earn high returns. That is what I call truly risky! Just about anybody can do it! Is your money growing as fast as prices are rising? By not learning how to invest. I am often shocked when I hear of people who invest in a company without even understanding what business the company is involved in.

The answer is… it depends. The scary thing is that the majority of people who invest their hard earned money in the stock market do not know what they are doing.

For example. The risk in an activity very much depends on the level of competence of the person doing that activity. They are like that driver who has no clue about how to work the gears or the rules of the road. Many people who download shares of companies have little or no knowledge of how to invest. When you know exactly what you are doing. In reality. By reading this book and understanding all my concepts and strategies that I will share.

To me these people are not investors but gamblers. I would strongly advise them to learn how to drive or to leave their money in the bank or under their pillow! For such people. While the rest of the crowd have chosen to walk because of the fear. Warren Buffett.

This is why many of them crash and burn their hard earned money. I am a risk taker. They are in fact. Investing in the US stock market would have seen your money grow by an annual compounded average of At this rate. You have to at least make sure that the vehicle you choose should overtake the 3. United States and SG: Straits Times Index. From the table above. In some years. Investing in the Singapore stock market would have seen your money double every 7.

Over the long-term. The US stock market is represented by many indexes. An index is a selected portfolio of stocks that is used to represent the whole stock market. The index value is calculated by taking the weighted average price of all these stocks and it represents the overall performance of the whole US stock market.

Of course not! Companies and governments issue bonds of various borrowed amounts. Of course it does not mean that stock market prices actually increased by Ford Motor Company.

The performance of a stock market is measured by an Index or many indexes. The reason why most people lose money in the stock markets is because they download the wrong companies that go down in value!

The good news is that with the strategies you will learn from this book. So what does all this mean? It means that if you download the stocks of all the companies in the US in the same proportion of the Index.

Any idiot can achieve a As such. In the next chapter. By learning how to identify and download only the best companies in the market i.

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Indexes are used as a benchmark that all professional investors aim to beat. US Market or Singapore Market? There are three main reasons why I prefer investing in the US markets. In the US. So at any point of time. Besides a handful of popular and actively traded stocks on the Singapore bourse.

In the local market. At the click of a mouse. US stocks tend to also have a much higher potential to increase in value simply because the companies you invest in have a much higher potential for sales and earnings growth the US consumer market is huge. You will learn all these exciting strategies in the chapters to come.

Higher Liquidity and Volume The other major reason why I prefer to trade US stocks is because of the high volume of securities that are traded every day. In this way. There are over 9. So the good news is that you would already be earning a million dollars in your lifetime. High transaction costs and the inconvenience of going through a local broker which closed when the US markets opened made it not worthwhile. This is possible because of the amazing power that compound interest returns can have on small amounts of capital over a long period of time!

And the best part is that it takes very little investment knowledge to do this. You would end up at the end of thirty years with nothing much left. The bad news is that if you are like most people. All you. This is assuming you start working at age 25 after graduating from university and retire at age The great news is that with some hard work and the savvy stock picking skills you will learn throughout this book.

Once again. Look at the table below and you will see how various investment amounts will grow at different rates of return over different periods of time. It states that if you take 72 and divide it by the Annual Percentage return. At the end of the second year. Compound return is achieved when you invest a sum of money at a particular rate of return. This continues until the returns a year become greater and greater! Albert Einstein. He came up with a formula called the Rule of The next year.

So the next year. At the end of one year. I have found that there are many very different philosophies and strategies that experts use to select stocks to achieve above average returns.

Where one expert says that you should thoroughly understand and love the business behind a stock that you download. The funny thing is that some of these strategies contradict each other.

At the same time. Some experts believe in downloading and holding their investments over the long-term while others believe that you should be in and out of an investment within a few weeks! Furthermore, while working for a steady paycheck can get you started, your best investment of your time and money is to download property or a business. Or better yet, do what Kiyosaki himself did and write a best selling book. The Millionaire Fast Lane Working hard, saving 10 percent, and retiring at 65 is a chump's game because 1 financial markets are simply too volatile and 2 you'll "be in a wheelchair" by the time you actually have enough to retire, according to author MJ DeMarco.

[Read PDF] The Weekend Millionaire s Secrets to Investing in Real Estate: How to Become Wealthy in

A better strategy is to use the volatility of the financial markets to get rich quickly and enjoy it now. Best quote: "Show me a year-old who got rich investing in mutual funds. Show me the man who earned millions in three years by maximizing his k. Show me the young twenty-something who got rich clipping coupons. Where are these people? They don't exist. Your Money or Your Life Contrary to popular belief, living more frugally increases rather than decreases your quality of life.

Author Vicki Robin's cites many examples, such as the practice of working at a job that brings in less than the amount you pay out for childcare and "time saving" trips to McDonalds. Best quote: "Conditions have changed, but we are still operating financially by the rules established during the Industrial Revolution--rules based on creating more material possessions.

But our high standard of living has not led to a high quality of life--for us or for the planet. The Science of Getting Rich Even though it contains nothing that even vaguely resembles "science," this book provided the intellectual framework for thousands of personal wealth-building seminars.

Author Wallace Wattle believed that your ability to accumulate wealth is directly dependent upon how you think about it. In other words, if you believe that money is the root of all evil, you'll never be wealthy.

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Best quote: "No man can rise to his greatest possible height in talent of soul development unless he has plenty of money.These books taught me that in order to become rich.

Warren Buffett once remarked in a speech to his shareholders. You can view them at www. Then it happened. That encouraged us to keep running these disco parties once every two weeks. In the information age of today, one great idea can be worth a billion dollars.

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