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The Reason by Lacey Sturm is Biographies & Memoirs The day Lacey Sturm planned to annihilate herself was the day her grandmother. The Reason How I Discovered A Life Worth Living Lacey Sturm - [FREE] [PDF] (PDF) Dancing Breath: Ceremonial Performance Practice. The Reason book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The day Lacey Sturm planned to kill herself was the day her grandmother.

Oct 14, Jessica rated it it was amazing. I saw this book on a friends page and told my husband about it. Next thing I know he bought it for me and I was compelled to read it. I've listened to Flyleaf but didn't know Lacey's story so I didn't know what I was starting.

For part of the book I was thinking to myself "oh another religious fanatic, why should I waste my time? About halfway through I really felt like Lacey was talking to me. By the end, I really bel I saw this book on a friends page and told my husband about it. By the end, I really believed what Lacey was saying.

This book was put in my life for a reason. Definitely a good read! View all 6 comments. Apr 16, Kristina rated it it was ok. I had a feeling this would be a preachy book, but I was willing to overlook that so long as I would learn details of Lacey's life. However this is a pretty surface-level book she doesn't go into detail of her drug use or how she met her husband. Most of this book is Lacey preaching to the reader about how everyone is God's creation and meant to serve God. I still like Flyleaf's music.

Lacey's book is meant more for religious zealots. Not my personal preference. View 2 comments. Oct 13, Laura rated it it was ok. Lacey is one of my favorite singers from the last decade. I will always adore her and her music will always affect me very deeply She is a born-again Christian and from page one in the book she comes across as one.

The best way to describe this book is It's very Christian. May 23, David Ruess rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was absolutely wonderful.

She wrote words my soul and spirit needed to hear and is a book I will read again, and probably again. Thank you for writing this Lacey Sturm.

Thank you Jesus for keeping Lacey Sturm alive. I have felt a spiritual shift after listening to her story! These were just a couple of quotes that stayed with me.

Sep 11, Victoria rated it it was amazing Shelves: A very good memoir so long as you go into it with the understanding that Lacey Sturm is far more interested in sharing her Christian testimony than discussing the music industry or her former band, Flyleaf. The majority of the book focuses on her spiritual transformation as a teenager, from a depressed girl obsessing over Nirvana and Ann Rice to the outspoken Christian frontwoman of a popular hard rock band.

Strum honestly and straight A very good memoir so long as you go into it with the understanding that Lacey Sturm is far more interested in sharing her Christian testimony than discussing the music industry or her former band, Flyleaf.

Strum honestly and straightforwardly tackles dark issues most Christian authors shy away from: What I like about Strum as a writer is that she doesn't candy-coat or sensationalize her experiences, nor does she make personal attacks on anyone. I'm sure secular audiences will find the book "preachy" in the sense that Ms. Strum spends a lot of time discussing God and spirituality, but it isn't at all preachy in the sense of being judgmental or self-righteous. She also recounts a few seemingly miraculous events that took place in her life, including divine intervention into her attempted suicide.

So there's that. And though she has obviously studied theology and can quote not only from the Bible but also C. Lewis and other great Christian thinkers, her valuable spiritual insights seem largely intuited, as if she's plugged into God on an emotional or instinctive level in the manner of someone like Sojourner Truth. I truly envy her for that, since I tend to perceive God more on an intellectual level than a deeply personal one. I do wish there was more behind-the-scenes stuff about Flyleaf, however, since it's my love for the band that made me interested in Sturm's story.

There are a few nice tidbits, but nothing whatsoever in regard to songcraft. Sturm explains how she first got into music and describes getting a bass guitar for Christmas one year, but the book provides no indication of how she developed her vocal style and lyrical skills. Nothing about what it was like recording their first demo. Nothing about the band's collaborative process. The book makes it seem like creating great music and landing a record deal is as easy as apple pie.

I greatly admire Flyleaf for their insistence on signing with a secular label and opening for mainstream metal bands like Disturbed and Stone Sour. Nov 29, Elizabeth Zimmerman rated it liked it Shelves: Maggie who is the coolest lent this to me a while back bc I was going through a difficult period.

Lacey definitely does a good job addressing her readers tenderly and lovingly, but I think the writing was a bit simple.

View 1 comment. Apr 05, Michael rated it really liked it. Fantastic book! I will definitely recommend it in the future. Sep 04, Kari rated it did not like it. Lacy Sturm, whom I salute for her love for Jesus, her optimism and her bravery to share her past, paints a devastatingly painful picture of her childhood in The Reason. Lacey suffered all manner of sad experiences from being hungry to losing a beloved relative to abuse.

While she was once suicidal and depressed she went on to become the lead singer of Christian band, Flyleaf. Not everyone will encounter a person who can or will look at you and tell you about yourself. My concern is that people reading The Reason may be waiting for such a mystical encounter to come to faith. Lacey Sturm exhibits a lot of compassion for her fans. Even dedicating the book to one fan. I appreciate very much her willingness to bare her soul, praising God for his redemption and encouraging others to find peace in Jesus.

But, the book is filled with so much pain, so much abuse, so much hunger and the pregnancy loss that it really upset me to read as much as I did. However, if you are a tender mommy-to-be and have issues with reading about abuse, neglect, hunger or pregnancy loss, I would skip or at least postpone reading The Reason.

We were given a copy of The Reason for review by The Media Collective in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own. Jul 21, Paige Pagnotta rated it really liked it Shelves: My beliefs on certain things have changed since I was a teen standing with my best friend in front of Lacey, Sameer, Pat, James and Jared, deliriously happy at their concerts. I'm now a few years older and am no longer sure that I believe in God, to be honest.

And God took up a good portion of this book, so that's just something to be aware of. And Lacey wrote it! Mar 29, Celinda rated it it was amazing. If you have ever struggled with the heaviness of depression, suicide, doubt, discouragement, the whys of this life and if you happen to relate to the rock music scene, no pressure to though -- then this book just might be for you.

Lacey is honest and clear in expressing her journey from deep darkness to the marvelous light she now walks in. Even if you're the slightest bit curious about her story, I strongly encourage you to pick up this book! Nov 26, Anna thecityofdarkclockwork rated it it was amazing. This is definitely one of the best books I've ever read!

Lacey's story is truly life changing and so inspiring. I highly recommend everyone to read this book! Oct 28, Abs rated it really liked it. Her lyrics and her story and her testimony have inspired me for years. The Reason is beautiful.

Feb 08, Emily Hemersbach rated it it was amazing. It was fantastic. Feb 24, Beau rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lacey: Yeah. Well, I magnified any little thing in my mind that was rejection.

Anything that was a discipline, I magnified it in my mind and just always thinking, they don't love me, and I'm a burden to them.

That was the biggest-- Jim: That was what you felt at that age? They don't love me and I'm a burden.

The Reason: How I Discovered a Life Worth Living

Lacey: Mm-hm. They just-- Jim: Yeah, that can be devastating to a child. You look at them and you think-- Jim: You just don't feel good enough. Lacey: --well I feel like they wanted to do the right thing because they have to do the right thing. I didn't feel like I was a blessing to them. I felt like a burden. Jim: Do you ever think about your behavior being a test of their love to say, "Will you love me even if I act this way?

Lacey: laughs Maybe subconsciously Jim: Yeah. Lacey: --there was that. Jim: Will you still love me? In fact, you and your grandma had a bit of a shouting match, if I read that correctly in your book.

There was one day where the two of you verbally just went after each other and you were yelling and she started to yell back at you and she didn't stop for an hour? Jim: What did— I mean, literally just screaming? Well, my husband, my grandfather, was in the hospital, had had a heart attack earlier that week, and she was trying to tell me, "You're not obeying our rules.

You're getting in trouble at school. You're doing things that are illegal. All of this is stressful. Your father- grandfather is in the hospital. He had a heart attack earlier this week. And you're not helping anything. There's more people impacted by your problems than just you. But I was looking for a reason to end my life, and so I twisted her words from what she meant, "We love you.

You're impacting us because we love you," to saying, "Our life would be better without you. Lacey: This is what the enemy twisted that in my mind. Lacey: Which was not true at all because there is no way it would have been less stressful if I had committed suicide on my family. It would have been more stressful. And but I found it to say, "Life would be better without you.

I'm going to take my life. I found a selfless reason. You're kind of holding back here a little bit.

She was … she was determined to out-scream you. You're screaming at her, and she just decided, "Okay, today's the day. I'm going to take you on toe-to-toe. Jim: And she then said you're going to go to church! Lacey: Which was my punishment for skipping school that day.

Lacey Sturm

Jim: So what happened? She took you to church. She didn't even go in, did she? Lacey: No, she couldn't, because if she did, she would end up talking to people and I could have gone out and ran away. Jim: Was this a church that she went to? Jim: Okay, so she was regular, but she sat in the parking lot-- Lacey: She sat by the doors-- Jim: --and forced you to go in.

Lacey: --in front of the doors. Jim: laughter There's a tactic, John. Laughter Lacey: Like if you walk out that door, she's right there in the van. Jim: So you go in. What are your feeling when you walk in this church? Feeling despair, feeling rejected, not feeling loved, and your grandmother is forcing you to go to church. What are you thinking when you walk in the door?

Lacey: I hate everybody. Lacey: I hated everybody. I hated everybody, especially the pastor, and he was—and I also had this, you know, felt like I was an intellectual and was in Mississippi, and everybody, to me, is like, you know, they're not educated—which is not true; they just talk, you know, real like.

I really respect them now. Jim: You feel like you know more than anybody else around you, but-- Lacey: Yes, exactly. Jim: --but what happened in that church service that got your attention? Lacey: Well, when he spoke, he began to talk about scenarios that he had be through that were just like I was the only person in the room, and like he was telling my story. Jim: What did he say? Lacey: Well, he talked about different families and the struggles they went through.

He talked about the kids, feeling isolated and having to take on more responsibility than they need. And he talked about how the violence that happens in those situations and how they become, you know, they feel alone and misunderstood.

Jim: He talked about suicide. Someone-- Lacey: He stopped in the middle of all of that and just started crying. And that was really impactful to me because I never saw—to see someone be sad, I mean, to weep over someone they don't know and to weep over someone who despairing of life.

Even just seeing him weep resonated with me, like, do you cry? Like, do you have pain in your life? Like, I will listen to you if I know that you can understand that that's how I feel, you know? Jim: Wow. Lacey: And so for him to weep stopped me and made me listen. Jim: And he doesn't know you're there, really, and what your issues are.

Lacey: No, he doesn't know me at all. Jim: He's just speaking to the full audience, and he's saying, "I feel a heavy heart for somebody. He stopped talking and just weeping. And everybody is listening, and you can feel some people are embarrassed and it's uncomfortable and he says… finally, he's wiping his tears, he says, "There's a suicidal spirit in this room. And everybody realized, you know, you're crying because you feel like a sense that there's somebody here that wants to take their life.

And I was like "Ahhh" gasp ,you know, like-- Jim: And that was you. It was me.

And he's just wiping his tears, and he says, "Please come up here and let us pray for you, whoever you are. God has a plan for your life.

He doesn't want you to die tonight. I wouldn't.

The Return: Reflections on Loving God Back

My pride wouldn't let me go. And can you imagine being him? I think about this now. He's passed away now.

But how brave it is to say that and have no one respond. Jim: Right, you think you've failed. Lacey: You think you just maybe made something up in your head. Maybe—who knows?

He didn't care. He was… Jim: But somebody caught you on the way out, right? Lacey: Yeah, I went to leave-- Jim: What happened? Lacey: There was a man; I still talk to him.

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We call him "Papi. Jim: So he caught you at the end of the service, and what did he say to you? Lacey: I didn't know him. And he said, "I feel like the Lord wants me to speak to you. I think he knew. I don't know. God knew. It doesn't matter if he knew, I guess. But he said, "I feel like the Lord wants me to speak to you, and He wants you to know that even though you've never known an earthly father, that God will be a better father to you than any earthly father could ever be.

She lives in Pennsylvania with her family. For more information, visit www. Endorsements "A book with this much substance will, without a doubt, live on to change lives for generations.

Her story will blow you away, and her heart will touch you. Read The Reason. She communicates the comedy, tragedy, and triumph of her life story with fluidity and grace, and her message is timelessly impactful. It 'screams' of Jesus Christ, who is alive and active today, even in our darkest times, and the great news that no one is beyond his reach. Cooper, lead singer of Skillet "At its core Lacey's story is one of hope.

From desperation to redemption to victory, this is an amazing journey that, apart from God, would not be possible. Hers is a story that will encourage and challenge all who read it. She is an amazing soul with a heart like no other. Her life and her story have been such an encouragement to me, and I know this book will also inspire and change you forever.About Lacey Sturm. Lacey Sturm exhibits a lot of compassion for her fans. And I finally was like this flicker of like of receptiveness came.

God gave her a purpose that she is using in every day life. Well, I magnified any little thing in my mind that was rejection. And you're not helping anything. Published in:

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